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limit● one's read〓ing to con

tem■porary writers," h〓e said. "The more● you read back into ■the century before a○nd the centuries● before that...t◆he more you see○ the continuities ■and changes ○of Chinese culture."●CROSSING CUL◆TURAL BARR■IERS IN DI■GITAL, VISUAL ■W

ORLDLaughlin has b●een changing his sy■llabus and ways o■f

teaching his

stud■ents about lit●erature

in● general as it i●s becoming ◆"marginalized by○ digital culture ●and visual culture〓." His Chines〓e literature ■course is no except■ion."I think anoth●er challenge 〓we have here is ○that students are no●t necessarily readin○g a lot of

●literature anyway◆, " he said. ■"We have to draw the○ir a

ttention ◆b

ack to the specif●ic richness

of lan●guage and te●xt. But I also us〓e more film and◆ visual culture◆ in my classes."As ○to his studen■ts' reaction● to the "By t●he River" novella ◆collection〓, he said:◆ "American○ students who don'○t know so much〓 about China find i

●t a little difficul■t to relate to the p●roblems and iss◆

ues that charac?/p>

鰐ers in these stori●es are dealing with○.""Some of 〓them liked stories ○more than I expe■cted them to. An〓d some of them di●sliked stories ○that I thought tha〓t they

would like,○" he said. "But ●I think they〓 make a great co○mponent to○ use in teach◆ing about 〓

modern and contemp●orary Chines

e liter◆ature.""Ap■art from learni■ng the thoughts, 〓feelings, and p■riorities of ◆Chinese charac■ters or authors, I 〓think literature○ helps conv●ince us

of our commo■n humanity," he said●. "This is pa◆rticularly


ortant in a ○world that u●ses language and me○dia increasingly■ to divide us and d○istance us ■from other◆s.""People who don't● read f

oreign li○teratures are● more likely to◆ view people of oth●er cultures as fund○amentally dif■ferent and inco■mprehensible.● Literature ●reminds us that beh〓ind walls of po●litics and ideology◆ there continu●e to be ordin

ary ●people, flirting〓 with each other, de〓aling with the d

eat●hs of t

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heir parent◆s, stealing bi○cycles, catchin●g a cold, compe?/p>

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